Gambling software company Microgaming has appointed Julie Allison as their director of markets. This decision comes after the provider is ramping up its efforts to expand its presence in new jurisdictions.

Allison joins Microgaming after having spent over ten years in commercial operations and both B2C and B2B marketing.

Allison previously held senior positions at Red Tiger Gaming, BETDAQ, and NetEnt, after it acquired Red Tiger. She also oversaw acquisition, retention and improving customer experience in these roles.

In her new role as director of markets, Allison will be focusing on providing strategic direction specializing on expanding to new markets.

Microgaming added that Allison will also evaluate the regulatory climate to identify and maximize opportunities, especially in markets going through change such as Germany and Great Britain.

“I’m looking forward to getting started with guiding Microgaming’s future markets vision, proactively embracing new regulation and supporting customers as they too prepare for change,” Allison said.

Microgaming is now servicing in over 20 different markets. The company said that it looks to increase its global reach by expanding to more territories in 2021.