Gambling tech operator Playtech PLC and content developer Golden Matrix Group Inc. has just signed a key partnership. Under this deal, both companies are looking to expand their esports and betting presence globally.

As part of the deal, Playtech will be given exclusive distribution rights to Golden Matrix’s newly developed suite of esports, peer-to-peer betting games. In addition, Golden Matrix will have non-exclusive rights to distribute Playtech’s most popular games throughout its network. The software that Golden Matrix will distribute includes slots, table games, live dealer games, poker and bingo games by Playtech.

An Important Milestone for Golden Matrix

Playtech CEO Mor Weizer explained ina statement that the company’s success is driven by strategic partnerships with industry-leading specialists. Weizer added that the collaboration between Playtech and its partners will expand the scale and reach of the company’s distribution capabilities.

The company is also happy to announce the partnership with GMGI. According to Weizer, the first step of this partnership will be indicated by the launch of P2P, eSport and other groundbreaking software expanding Playtech’s distribution of quality content.

Brian Goodman, Golden Matrix CEO, commented on the collaboration agreement saying that it represents a “significant milestone” for the company. He added that Playtech is the industry’s “most prestigious technology provider and distributor.”

Goodman also said that with Playtech as their P2P distribution partner, they will be able to introduce Golden Matrix content to new gaming audiences, which will eventually extend their reach in the fast-growing U.S. market.