iGaming software developer Playtech has signed up to the All-in Diversity Project, in a move which it claims will play “an important role” in supporting its efforts in promoting a culture of inclusivity.

The move is part of Playtech’s ‘Sustainable Success’ global sustainability strategy, which forms the framework for growing the business in a manner that positively impacts its people and communities, as well as the environment and wider industry.

With its foundation of success “built by its people,” the developer says it plans to foster a ‘truly inclusive culture’ that attracts and retains talented people to develop their skills and careers.

“We are delighted to partner with All-in Diversity to help champion diversity and inclusion at playtech, as well as within our sector,” Shimon Akad, Playtech’s chief operating officer, said.

“As the leading technology supplier in the industry, it is imperative to our success that we are able to lead the industry building in a sustainable, commercially viable, entertainment first industry—for the benefit of all.

“Partnering with the All-in Diversity Project will play an important role in supporting our efforts to promote an inclusive culture and accelerate progress on every aspect of diversity within the organization,” he added.

The All-in Diversity Project is a non-profit devoted to helping businesses and industry improve inclusion, equality, and diversity. All-in is a central resource for tools and data that aid businesses in making DEI a successful business strategy.

“Playtech’s timing could not be better. As we continue to grow and align our work with the needs of the industry, having the support of established industry leaders is key to driving impactful change,” Kelly Kehn, All-in Diversity Project co-founder, said.

“This together with their commitment to the Project we are very much looking forward to their commitment and good work we can accomplish with their support,” Kehn added.